Weekly Workouts 6/3-6/9

A quick rundown on my workouts for the past week:


Rest day–I did some foam rolling, and an abs workout.


3 mile run–finally able to get up at 5am and run!  Loved it.


3 mile run–for National Running Day–supposed to be a swim day/rest day from running, but come on, it was NRD.


AM–800 yard swim–400 yards non-stop, then 50 yards of kicking alternating with 50 yards of freestyle swim x4 sets


PM–1.5 mile run–supposed to be a 3 mile run but my right shin was tender, plus I did the 3 miles on Wednesday.  So really, I just got an extra 1.5 miles in for the week, plus a 0.5 mile walk back to the car.




REST—well…maybe I played with the bike trainer a bit, but we had to test it out!


Supposed to be a cycling day, however it was a lazy day.  Thus, why I’m having difficulty losing weight.


6 mile run at the Yorktown Battlefield.  1 hour. 6 glorious I love running miles 🙂

Pilates abs dvd

Back to homework for now 🙂 Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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