Day Off

It’s been a lovely Tuesday here in my neck of the woods, mainly because I’ve had the day off from work!

From tomorrow until the end of July (with the exception of the July 4th holiday) I’m working 5 days a week.  I keep going back and forth about whether or not I’m regretting signing up for all of those shifts, but I keep telling myself ‘just work full-time hours over the summer, while the school workload isn’t heavy’ and it makes it better.

So here’s how my day has gone so far:


My day started bright dark and early at 4:30am so we could get out and run on the neighborhood roads before traffic got too bad.  On the schedule for today?  3 miles.  We ran in a neighborhood located about 1 mile behind our apartment complex to get some hills in. We ended up running 3.18 miles in 31 minutes.

post run sweaty mess and my reflective vest

post run sweaty mess and my reflective vest

One key piece when running in the dark/dawn/at dusk? A reflective vest.  Mine is from Brooks and it’s the most comfortable running vest, it’s like you’re not even wearing one.

After showering, taking care of the dogs, and drinking what felt like a gallon of water in my belly, I sat down to a breakfast of Kashi GOLEAN Crunch with 1% milk and 10 oz of Naked Juice Blue Machine while icing my shin.



T was off to work by 7:30am, which meant I had some time to kill before hitting the pool around 11am.  I started doing my online summer nutrition/exercise class while snacking on some watermelon and almonds, and ended up doing all of the assignments for the rest of the semester.  Sweet–now I can just focus on pre-cal for the next four weeks 🙂



my favorite summertime treat

my favorite summertime treat

I went swimming around 11am, did 900 yards in 19 minutes.  Yes, I know I’m slow.  I’ll just leave it at that.  I think it’s a win that I did two workouts today!

my gym

my gym


After having a salad with cornmeal crusted tofu for lunch (really easy–drain tofu, cut into desired sized pieces, mix some cornmeal with whatever herbs you like–I used Herbs de Provence, coat the tofu, and fry in olive oil in a pan at medium heat until golden and crispy on the outside–see? Super easy), I worked on my math homework, but I won’t bore you with those details.



I’ve been putting taking care of my feet off for a while, mainly due to the fact that I just really didn’t have the time nor did I really care.  This is pretty gross, but the calluses on my feet were pretty nasty, and over the weekend I noticed I was starting to get calluses on the tops of my toes!  Gross, just gross.  Plus, I should probably take better care of my feet, since I abuse them so much huh?

calluses = time for a treat for the feet

calluses = time for a treat for the feet

So yesterday, I booked myself the soothing stone pedicure at a spa down the street from my apartment called Victoria’s Day Spa, it happened to get pretty decent Yelp reviews, and getting a discount for showing my employee badge doesn’t hurt either.

Well I’m off to see if the nice pedicure lady can work her magic on these feet, have a good afternoon!


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