Weekly Workouts {6/10-6/16}

Week 2 of marathon training is in the books!  I can tell I’m training for an endurance run, because the swimming and biking portions of my workouts have taken a back seat to the running.  I’m focused on one thing right now: training for the Mount Desert Island Marathon in October.  Any tips for fitting it all in would be appreciated…

Luckily, my triathlon coming up in August is a very short distance and I’m confident I can handle it (400 yd swim, 12 mile cycle, and a 5k).


Rest day.  I did a 10-minute abs segment of a Karen Voight dvd, because strong abs = better runner.  (for the rest of this post, if when I mention an abs workout, the dvd is what I did).


3 mile run at 5am in the neighborhood behind our apartment.  Nice and breezy but still humid, so I was drenched in sweat by the time we got home.  Felt good.

Super-sweaty arm

Super-sweaty arm

Abs workout in the evening before class.


Supposed to be a lifting/swim day after work, but it ended up being a homework night.  Also, did an abs workout.


5 mile run and out the door by 4:45am.

The temperature at 4:30am---and what weather puppy says I should be doing

The temperature at 4:30am—and what weather puppy says I should be doing

Dead tired and passed out by 8pm.  Was also supposed to go to class, but since we had a big storm that knocked the power out, I stayed home with the dogs (still hot out, no ac = can’t leave dogs by themselves with no air circulation).


Again, supposed to be a lifting/swim day, but instead was lazy/tired and did an abs workout.

On Friday, I came home to a surprise on the dining table from T–

T's: "We just started marathon training" gift.  So cute.

T’s: “We just started marathon training” gift. So cute.

Jelly beans!

Jelly beans!

I wanted to give the Wave Rider 16s another chance...will try them out Tuesday

I wanted to give the Wave Rider 16s another chance…will try them out Tuesday


Abs workout.


AM: yogadownload.com Qi Yoga For Runner’s podcast-20 minutes; abs dvd



PM: 9 mile run at the Yorktown Battlefield.  It’s getting to the point now that the humidity and heat will require us to run in the mornings on the weekend.  Today at 3pm it was 87 degrees, but luckily the battlefield is pretty well shaded.


The run seemed to go by quickly, and relatively painless.  I did bring my own water this time, and I use the Salomon handheld system as shown below.  This was my first time using the 12 ounce bottle, which flopped around a bit too much.  The 8 ounce one is just right, but may not be enough for longer runs.  We’ll see on future runs.



Tonight I’ll end this training week with some foam rolling and stretching before bed.

Have a good week!



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