Domino Effect {how not to eat when training for a marathon, or ever}

I’ve been doing this Lean and Clean Challenge for the past couple of weeks, and for the most part, it has changed the way I fuel my body for the better.   My cravings for chocolate have actually turned into cravings for watermelon and I’m more satisfied from a lunch of quinoa and veggies than I am from a sandwich and chips.  

That being said, I still have my slip-ups every now and then….unfortunately when I slip up, it creates one mean domino effect.

Friday was one of those days.  I was peer pressured (by a few other nurses and my own brain) into having this delectable confection:


It started here...

It started here…


I ate it.  Every last bit of it and enjoyed it.  I know, I shouldn’t beat myself up for eating one little (big) cupcake, but it’s what happened afterward that I am embarrassed by.

I ate the cupcake, then almost immediately after I swallowed the last bite, I was craving another.  I did eventually talk myself out of it, but it took some rather heavy convincing.  By the time I left the office, I already knew I was going to have some tummy trouble and decided to not make up the 5 mile run I had missed the day before (because I had to study and take a test later that night), and that turned into not wanting to go to the gym to lift.  

I met T at home, and he was so tired he agreed with me about not going to workout.  Instead, we did some chores and headed to Trader Joe’s to finish up grocery shopping.  We bought a frozen pizza for dinner.  The pizza itself was good, but my stomach didn’t think so.  At least I had a salad with it so there were some greens in there.  Oh, and just to top it off, I had a s’mores ice cream sandwich. 

The next morning, I had an egg sandwich (my usual breakfast) before going to Colonial Williamsburg for a walk with the dogs and to the farmer’s market.   It was a good walk and a successful FM visit, but we decided to treat ourselves to a coffee treat at Aromas, a local cafe.   I opened the menu, and there it was:  S’mores Latte.  I had to have it.  It was a drink special of the week last year and it finally made it to the menu.  My stomach was feeling fine, so I didn’t think anything of it.  

Wrong.  By the time we returned home and started gearing up for a cycle/run, I was so nauseated.  Too much sugar consumed in the past 24 hours!  I had a whole wheat English muffin and felt better.  

The workout itself was good, but I was so tired afterward.  T and I showered and hopped into bed around 2pm for a quick nap to relax and fell asleep without setting the alarm–and without refueling.  

We woke up at 5:45p starving and with a feeling we had never experienced before.  The best way I can describe it is feeling foggy in the head, the muscles in my face didn’t want to work and it was a challenge to think and speak.  Everything was in slow motion.  This was scary.  T felt the same way.  We had a granola bar and decided to eat out for the night and went to a local pizza place for sandwiches.  

I started feeling better after eating and downing a big glass of water with a Nuun tab, but I was still so tired so I went back to bed.  

I know where I went wrong, the wrong kind of food and not enough food went into by body.  For marathon training, it’s the worst thing I can do.  

To recoup, T and I only ran 3 miles (instead of 6) today, stayed hydrated and ate like we should.  I’ve decided while I’m training, I can allow myself one treat a week, but no more.  I’m realizing that while I would prefer watermelon to cupcakes, once I start eating these sweets, I have a hard time stopping if I have access to more.

T and I set guidelines–the treat has to either come by way of the farmer’s market, homemade, or when we’re eating out.  

Hopefully I’ll never experience this feeling again, and it all starts with proper nutrition.

3 thoughts on “Domino Effect {how not to eat when training for a marathon, or ever}

  1. At least you caught it and realized it quick!! 🙂 I have a hard time with treats and sweets too! It is easy getting into the habit of having something everyday and feeling like crap!! 😦 What marathon are you training for?

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