A Healthier Weekend

So, last weekend was a disaster when it came to fueling for workouts.  This weekend, I made a point of eating (mostly) healthy all weekend, and felt amazing after my 9 mile run today.  No afternoon nap needed!

Friday we turned into a rest day since we planned on having a pretty busy Saturday and Sunday, and it was welcomed without feeling guilty for not hitting the weights.

Saturday morning, the alarm went off at 5am, not only did we awaken to the robot sound of the alarm, we woke to thunder and heavy rain.  Bummer.  The workout scheduled for today was a morning 12 mile ride followed by a 2 mile run.  Followed by breakfast at Aromas and a trip to the farmer’s market….followed by a trip to Richmond for some to make some exchanges at REI.

T and I decided to push the workout to the afternoon and just do everything else beforehand.  I agreed and we slept in for about another hour.

*I also had a non-scale victory in regards to weight loss:  my white shorts fit again!

Top: Old Navy (from this season) Shorts: Lands End Canvas (from like, 2011) Sandals: Sanuk Yoga Mat sandals---buy them, now (REI)

Top: Old Navy (from this season)
Shorts: Lands End Canvas (from like, 2011)
Sandals: Sanuk Yoga Mat sandals—buy them, now (REI), you won’t regret it

The day started at Aromas in Williamsburg for breakfast.  By the time we arrived, the rain had stopped and we were able to eat outside for our breakfast date 🙂





I got the Denver Scramble and enjoyed every bite of it.

Peppers, onions, and pepper jack cheese...yum

Peppers, onions, and pepper jack cheese…yum

After breakfast we headed up the street to the farmer’s market and picked up produce for this weekend and the two days we’ll be in town next week.

beautiful zinnias

beautiful zinnias

finds:  kale, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes, and huge blackberries!

finds: kale, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes, and huge blackberries!

too bad we didn't need tomatoes..look so good!

too bad we didn’t need tomatoes..look so good!

Just as we were paying at the last stop, the rain rolled back in, so instead of browsing some more we headed to the car and up to Richmond.  I planned on exchanging a pair of shoes I got that rubbed my heels for a pair of linen pants I had seen online, but they were not made for gals with bigger thighs/hips.  Disappointment!  We also picked up a bag for our bike and running gear so we can stop being bag people!  It’s actually meant for skiing gear, but it’s perfect for fitting 4 pairs of shoes, two helmets, a change of clothes, and all other essential gear (sunscreen, face wipes, Nuun, etc).  Win!

We ended up skipping the brick workout because we were exhausted, and instead cleaned the apartment and packed for our trip on Wednesday (to Erie, PA for the 4th).  It was okay, the rest was welcomed.  Dinner was Thai food takeout, but instead of my usual pad Thai, I got satay chicken, steamed rice, and steamed dumplings.  It was just what I needed to order stay on track.

Sunday morning came and it was humid.  Like crazy humid.  I know the Southwest is experiencing 110+ degree temperatures, but the humidity here in the Southeast is unreal.  T and I set out for our scheduled 11 mile run around 8:30am and by approximately 8:35am you could’ve used a squeegee to wipe the dripping sweat off of my arms.  I actually almost finished my water (21 oz bottle) by mile 7.

hot weather running

hot weather running

We ended up stopping at 9 miles for a couple of reasons:

1.  We I started out too fast.  Our goal pace is around 10 minutes/mile for the actual marathon, so according to multiple books/blogs/marathon runners I know, training pace should be around 10:30-11/mile.  We were definitely faster than that for the first 5 miles, so for the final four we slowed it down significantly.  Factor in the heat and going at a faster pace than what we’ve been training at makes for early fatigue.

2.  I’ll spare the details, but I need to find a new pre-run breakfast–maybe just a plain bagel and a banana?  The cramping alone was enough to stop me at mile 7 to take a break, then to call it at mile 9.  Was never so happy to see a bathroom in my life.

After we got back, I re-fueled with chocolate milk and watermelon Nuun within 30 minutes, then once my tummy had settled I had an English muffin with goat cheese and cucumber.

new favorite Nuun flavor!

new favorite Nuun flavor!


All-in-all, a way better weekend than last.  I really feel like this is all coming together…now if I could just find the time/energy/good weather to cross train in….

icing my shin and blogging--master of multitasking

icing my shin and blogging–master of multitasking


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