Weekly Workouts {6/24-6/30}

Week 4 of MDI training is complete!  Here’s what went down:

Got all of the runs in, while cross training was pushed aside again.  I’m hoping once my classes are finished for the semester I’ll actually have time to get a good schedule worked out.

Monday: REST

AM: abs

PM: abs, 20 minute yoga for runners sequence from yogadownload.com


AM: 3 miles in 26:06 at 4:45am.  Already 86% humidity.  Beats 90+ degrees in the sun with 100% humidity 🙂


AM: abs

PM: rest


AM: 5 mile run in 48:24.  Good run in the neighborhoods behind our apartment.




Morning rain/thunderstorms put the brick workout on hold—and once we got back from running errands it was too hot/we were too tired to do it.  Oh well, who doesn’t love another rest day?


AM: 9 mile run (supposed to be 11 miles, but it was h-u-m-i-d…need to get used to this weather!) A good run though, with a total time of 1:29:28. We also started out a bit fast, the goal pace was between 10:30-11/mile, so we slowed down at mile 5.  Need to learn to pace myself at the beginning of a run, or 26.2 miles is going to h-u-r-t.

Happy running!


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