: a vacation spent at home or nearby (webster’s official definition).

While we should be on our way back to T’s hometown of Erie for the holiday, our plans got derailed due to a certain fella’s arthritis flare.


Not the happy dog I’m used to seeing 😦 And Delilah the watch dog in the background.

It started on Saturday (of course after the vet had closed) when we noticed he wouldn’t lay down….he would just stand there and pant and whimper.  This has happened before, and we would just give him an extra anti-inflammatory.  No such luck. After a little ‘what else could it be’ and a little too much worrying, T took Wash to the vet on Monday and sure enough, it was an arthritis flare.  His anti-inflammatory dose was increased, and he was given a pain pill to take as needed.  Not really much of a change after the pain pill, but I kept telling myself (and T) it takes time to take effect and to see how he does in the morning.  Well, after only getting 5 hours of sleep on Monday night due to excessive whimpering and panting and trying to comfort the dog, needless to say, we decided to cancel our trip (because getting up in the car alone is a chore, then sitting for 9 hours in a car wouldn’t be the best for him either) and we definitely skipped our morning run.  T called the vet (not his regular vet, Dr. M wasn’t in) and was told to increase the pain medication.  Minimal improvement last night and this morning, he still won’t lay down.  I see this staycation starting with a visit to Dr. M, we’re just waiting for a callback from her this morning.

So, I’ve got the next five days off, what am I going to do??  Well, aside from vet visits, I’m going to actually cross train!  Yep this morning will start with a visit to the gym to get my lifting plan started (more on that soon) and for a nice swim.

Of course tomorrow is the 4th, so we’re going to watch fireworks at the Yorktown Beach–I’ve never been but heard their good from several people at work yesterday.   Also, we’re planning on doing a brick workout tomorrow.

And we a date night planned for Friday in Richmond at a restaurant called Julep’s.

Oh…and I get to study for my next math test next week….note to self: never take another 8-week math class again.

I was excited to get out of town for the rest of the week (we did plan on doing a race while we were there), but I think we’re making the best of the situation, and it’s best for the pooch.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an appointment with the gym.  You can follow me on Instagram @runningmuffin to see all of my staycation fun!




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