Weekly Workouts {7/1-7/7}

I was expecting this week to be a wonderful training week:

1.  Only had to work 2 days, and ended up having a staycation due to a doggie illness.


2.  I actually thought I had time to fit in rest and cross training.

Well, cross training happened, and unfortunately, the long run did not.

Here’s my week in workouts:

Monday: rest

Tuesday: rest (didn’t wake up early for a run since I had a math exam later that night)

Wednesday:  lifting—more on my lifting plan later, it’s based on Hal Higdon’s plan though.  T hurt himself doing a max on lunges (pretty sure he lost his balance and pulled something)

Thursday:  Short Brick…. 11ish mile ride on the parkway followed by a 1 mile run.  Planned on doing 3 but T could hardly take a breath in so we ran out one, walked 2 back

Friday:  3 mile run while T cycled.  Went out way too fast in the heat, but felt good to get a sub-9 pace average

Saturday:  quick bricks at the gym—10 min cycle, 5 min run x3.

Sunday:  ‘Twas supposed to be a 12 mile long run, but ended up cycling instead.  No Garmin, just a nice ride from the Battlefield to the Navel Weapons Station on the York (via Colonial Parkway).

Having so much time off–not that I’m complaining–gave me a false sense of free time to workout.  When I’m working, I hydrate well, eat on a schedule, and workout on a schedule.  I definitely got lazy this past week, but now that there’s only 105 days left until MDIM, it’s time to buckle down and just do the scheduled workouts.  Priority #1: running–aka no more missing long runs.

Expect a better weekly workout post next Sunday (or Monday)….training plan was revamped and I’m ready to go!


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