South of the James

A couple of weekends ago, T and I headed north to Richmond to check out a different farmers’ market for a change, the South of the James (SOTJ) farmers’ market.   Williamsburg market is great for quick trips to pick up produce but it is nothing compared to the SOTJ.


It’s located in the Forest Hill Park and is open every Saturday from May to the beginning of December, from 8am-12pm.  There were a ton of local vendors, this is the biggest farmers’ market I’ve ever been to.  Even though we arrived around 9am, there was still a good selection of produce left.  (In Williamsburg, you have to arrive right at 8am for the best selection).





Love this farm :)

Love this farm 🙂

farmer's market finds

farmer’s market finds


After doing some grocery shopping, we hit up a Donut truck.  If you are in the area and go to this market for just one reason, this is it.  Sourdough glazed donuts, made fresh that morning in the truck.  Best donut ever.  T and I did split one though because it was very, very sweet!

worth the long line

worth the long line


After enjoying the delectable donut, we explored the other vendors at the market and came across a local jewelry maker,  Red Lintu.  The gal making the jewelry is on site, and will adjust the pieces to fit you, or just to the length you desire.  And she’s quick!  The necklace I got was a bit longer than I had wanted and she just adjusted the length while chit-chatting with T and I.  Wonderful 🙂  The main part of the necklace actually came from an estate sale she had gone to, which I thought was pretty cool too.  I also picked up a couple of bracelets.  The prices are decent, and she has an Etsy site:

PicFrame copy


After we finished at the market, T and I took a walk around Forest Hill Park and found a great new place to run–with hills!





The SOTJ market is about 1 hour from where we live in Yorktown, but it’s definitely worth the drive for a nice day outside.  We plan on going about once a month, if you’re in the area (living here or visiting) you should definitely check it out!

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