5 Things

Good morning and happy Friday!

I saw this survey over at A Change of Pace and thought it would be a fun way to start the weekend.  Enjoy!

5 things I have passion for:
1.  Being healthy
2.  Living in the moment, but also planning for the future
3.  Running
4.  Family
5.  Rescue animals

my rescue doggie!

my rescue doggie!

5 things to do before I die:

1.  Run a race in every state
2.  Boston, Big Sur, and an Ironman
3.  Live in at least one major metropolitan..I’m lookin’ at you Seattle
4.  Visit all of the National Parks
5.  Love my body the way it is

Beautiful city...the view from West Seattle

Beautiful city…the view from West Seattle

5 things I say a lot:

1.  Meow
2.  No, I can’t prescribe you narcotics, I’m a nurse, not a physician.  Sadly this was a daily thing I would have to say at the hospital and at the internal med office.  Don’t get to say it as often now that I’m a temp.
3.  Delilah/Washington!!
4.  Just an easy [insert how many miles I’m running that day]….
5.  No, I’m not crazy, I just like to run (usually after I say I’m training for whichever race is coming up)

Delilah and Washington

Delilah and Washington

5 books or magazines I’ve read lately (kind of embarrassing it’s mostly magazines):

1. Runner’s World
2. Triathlete
3. The Happiness Project (just started)
4. Real Simple
5. Competitor

5 favorite movies:

1. Apollo 13
2. The Dark Knight
3. Zoolander
4. Alice in Wonderland (animated)
5.  Wreck It Ralph

5 Places to visit:

1. France
2. Thailand
3. Argentina
4. Germany (specifically Bavaria)
5. Disney (this is actually happening December 2013!!!! edited same day this was posted, due to an announcement coming up on 8/1/13 on  my new blog!!)

So there you have it, just a few things about me!  Have a good Friday!

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