Happy Friday! Staycation continues today with a relaxing day at home, then a date night out in Richmond at Julep’s tonight.  Always love a new (to me) restaurant.   I already got my run in early this morning because  the humidity is already brutal—however, I did 3 miles at an 8:30 pace which is pretty … Continue reading

Happy July 4th

Happy July 4th! Right now, I’m sitting inside in the AC while my lime curd for the key lime pie cools and T is out grilling peaches and duck….life is good. This morning started with a 10 mile bike ride followed by a 1 mile run in Jamestown on the Colonial Parkway.  We had planned … Continue reading

Staycation : a vacation spent at home or nearby (webster’s official definition). While we should be on our way back to T’s hometown of Erie for the holiday, our plans got derailed due to a certain fella’s arthritis flare. Not the happy dog I’m used to seeing 😦 And Delilah the watch dog in the background. … Continue reading

The Rest of 2013

It’s already July 1st!  While 2013 is going by super-fast, I am (just a little) disappointed to say I’ve only met one (heck yea for my savings account!!) of my New Years goals!  Yikes.  They were a hair ambitious given I started the year working full-time, going to school, and trying to do much in … Continue reading

Weekly Workouts {6/24-6/30}

Week 4 of MDI training is complete!  Here’s what went down: Got all of the runs in, while cross training was pushed aside again.  I’m hoping once my classes are finished for the semester I’ll actually have time to get a good schedule worked out. Monday: REST AM: abs PM: abs, 20 minute yoga for … Continue reading

A Healthier Weekend

So, last weekend was a disaster when it came to fueling for workouts.  This weekend, I made a point of eating (mostly) healthy all weekend, and felt amazing after my 9 mile run today.  No afternoon nap needed! Friday we turned into a rest day since we planned on having a pretty busy Saturday and … Continue reading

Weekly Workouts {6/17-6/23}

Week 3 of MDI marathon training is in the books!  Had a set back at the end of the week, but I learned from it, and now I’m ready to get on to week 4 🙂 Monday: “Rest” day. AM:  Abs dvd (the same as last week) and a 10-minute arms workout. Holy crap, my … Continue reading

Weekly Workouts {6/10-6/16}

Week 2 of marathon training is in the books!  I can tell I’m training for an endurance run, because the swimming and biking portions of my workouts have taken a back seat to the running.  I’m focused on one thing right now: training for the Mount Desert Island Marathon in October.  Any tips for fitting … Continue reading