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A Healthier Weekend

So, last weekend was a disaster when it came to fueling for workouts.  This weekend, I made a point of eating (mostly) healthy all weekend, and felt amazing after my 9 mile run today.  No afternoon nap needed! Friday we turned into a rest day since we planned on having a pretty busy Saturday and … Continue reading

Happy Running Day!

Today was my rest day, but instead, in honor of my 2nd favorite holiday (first being Thanksgiving) I ran glorious 3 miles.  Perfect weather, perfect run.  Getting back in the swing of things never felt so good 🙂   And of course, I did the Running Day badge…   Because I love cupcakes/muffins/cake (of the … Continue reading

Happy Friday!

Good morning and happy Friday! I’m off to Virginia Wine Country for the weekend for the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon.  Bonus?  My mom lives about 15 minutes from the start, so no crazy early wake up time!  Goals for the race:  1. Hydrate sufficiently 2. Just finish.  The race starts at 7:30a, but the … Continue reading

Race Report: Delaware Half Marathon

I’ve been waiting for race pictures to be posted, however there has been some technical difficulties in the media department…so here’s the race report (it’s a short one, I don’t really have much to say about this race): The Delaware Marathon and Half Marathon was on 5/12/13. We headed up to Wilmington on Saturday morning … Continue reading

What I Ate Wednesday

Today was a good day.  For eating, for running, for work, and for studying.  It all came together and that, my friends, was such a good feeling! First thing first.  What did I eat today? Breakfast, 630a English muffin, 1 egg, 1 slice turkey bacon, and 1 cup of cantaloupe, and green tea   At … Continue reading

Six Miles

Today was supposed to be a 10-mile day.  It didn’t happen, but 6 miles did.  I’m recovering from a mild bronchitis (and I have asthma) and still having some allergy issues…not the fastest time and there were a couple of walk breaks so I could catch my breath but I did it!  Definitely feeling like … Continue reading

What I Ate Wednesday

{i’ve been quiet over the past week because finals are coming up and it’s been a non-stop study session} Yesterday was the very first of many training runs for Mount Desert Island (MDI) in October.  The original plan started in June, but I’m just getting a head start since this spring has been slow going … Continue reading

Trigger Point Cold Roller Review

Good afternoon! Today was the first day of my half marathon training plan (I’m making it up as I go): 6 glorious miles-completed!  Everything felt good.  Just very very minimal IT band soreness between miles 5 and 6, but nothing that made me want to just stop. After the run, and after taking my car … Continue reading

Outdoor Yoga and a Lunchtime Run

After finishing up some work yesterday, I took the time to do a quick 15 minutes of yoga.  I forgot how good it felt, and even better?  The weather was so nice I did it out on the patio. There was a little chill to the air, so I donned my grippy toe socks and … Continue reading