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Weekly Workouts {7/1-7/7}

I was expecting this week to be a wonderful training week: 1.  Only had to work 2 days, and ended up having a staycation due to a doggie illness. and 2.  I actually thought I had time to fit in rest and cross training. Well, cross training happened, and unfortunately, the long run did not. … Continue reading

Weekly Workouts {6/17-6/23}

Week 3 of MDI marathon training is in the books!  Had a set back at the end of the week, but I learned from it, and now I’m ready to get on to week 4 🙂 Monday: “Rest” day. AM:  Abs dvd (the same as last week) and a 10-minute arms workout. Holy crap, my … Continue reading

Weekly Workouts {6/10-6/16}

Week 2 of marathon training is in the books!  I can tell I’m training for an endurance run, because the swimming and biking portions of my workouts have taken a back seat to the running.  I’m focused on one thing right now: training for the Mount Desert Island Marathon in October.  Any tips for fitting … Continue reading

Weekly Workouts 6/3-6/9

A quick rundown on my workouts for the past week: Monday Rest day–I did some foam rolling, and an abs workout. Tuesday 3 mile run–finally able to get up at 5am and run!  Loved it. Wednesday 3 mile run–for National Running Day–supposed to be a swim day/rest day from running, but come on, it was … Continue reading

Weekly Workouts 5/26-6/2

I’m trying something new:  if I can only get one post written in a week, this will be it.  A rundown of my week in workouts.  Enjoy! 5/26: Normally I track my workouts Monday through Sunday, but this time, I wanted to add last Sunday’s workout: my first brick! It was a short one, a … Continue reading

Spring Has Sprung!

Finally!  The next week looks picture perfect for spring workouts, ranging from sunny and 55 to scattered rain showers and 70 degrees. Just one week ago I was wearing a jacket and long capri tights on my run, this morning?  I did an easy 3 miles in shorts and a tee.  It was 56 degrees … Continue reading

Workouts: Week of November 5-11

Every Monday morning I will post my planned workouts for the week, here’s what’s in store for this week: Monday:  3 mile run (easy, on the treadmill), 1000 yard swim Tuesday:  yoga, and don’t forget to VOTE!!! Wednesday: 4 mile run (easy) Thursday: yoga Friday: easy swim just to stretch out the muscles, just for … Continue reading