Posted in February 2013

Sunday Chores and a New Camera

After running this morning, T and I got to work on some homework, some packing, and prepping lunches for work this week.  Lunch usually consists of salad and a protein.  See those blue mugs on the bottom shelf?  Salads!  The Pyrex on the top two shelves are leftovers that we had frozen for an occasion … Continue reading

Running on Clouds

THREE MORE WORK DAYS UNTIL VACATION TIME!!!  Can ya tell I’m excited? I’ve been a little lax on working out this week prepping for the trip and also putting in some longer hours at work so I don’t eat up all of my vacation time.   Oh and there’s that school thing too that takes … Continue reading

Race Report: Love Rox Half Marathon

Last Saturday T and I ran the inaugural Love Rox Half Marathon in Richmond, Virginia.  Keyword in the previous sentence:  inaugural. Source  Richmond Multisports (RM) put on the race, they usually stick with triathlons as far as I know (hence their name, mulitsports).  I’m not familiar with that racing company as most of the Richmond races I have participated in/heard of are … Continue reading

Time to Relax

Finally a chance to breathe!  I took my Algebra and Geology tests yesterday (I think I did okay) and now I’m using this evening to relax and catch up on some non-school related reading in  a nice bath.  I can’t remember the last time I took a bath that didn’t involve ice or wearing a … Continue reading

Weekend Plans…

STUDYING AND RUNNING….with a little swim time in between. I start off my weekend tomorrow at 1pm (half day at work) and I’m heading straight to the gym for a quick 1000 yard swim before my first studyfest of 2013. I pretty much have my algebra down, so I’m not worried about that exam on … Continue reading

Duck Prosciutto Pizza

Yesterday T and I did a hilly 10-miler through Williamsburg and it was a tough run.  The scheduled run was 9 miles, but since we did that easily last week in DC, we went for 10 miles this week for our long run.  I so wanted to call it quits at 9, but I pushed … Continue reading

Washington, DC Minication

Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been up to my ears in school work…. Last weekend T and I headed north to DC for a quick weekend getaway and to pick up my dog, Delilah, from my mom’s house (which is about 1 hour west of DC). I was supposed to get out of work … Continue reading